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Changes since 0.4.1#

Feature & API Changes#

  • Added transit routing support, via planTransitRoutes() in CitymapperDirections.
  • Legs can now be TransitLegs
  • PathGeometrySegment.TravelMode is now a sealed class instead of an enum
  • Added citymapper-ui library, for the display of Transit Route results and details

Behavior Changes#

  • API changes to support Transit Legs
  • Navigation logs are automatically sent to the server by default. See Tracking Configuration documentation to customize this behavior
  • Updated Android SDK to Kotlin 1.5.10

v1.0.1 (Android)#

  • Add the signing certificate fingerprint as a header to all HTTP requests

v1.0.2 (Android)#

  • Enforce LTR layout direction in all SDK UI