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Feature & API Changes#

  • Added ability to plan and navigate e-scooter directions, via planScooterRoute() in CitymapperDirections
  • DistanceUnits now supports Imperial units—this can optionally be passed to createSpeechText() to get spoken text using the specified units
  • RouteProgress now has an isArrived property to determine if a user has reached their destination
  • iOS SDK now supports iOS 11.0 and up

Behavior Changes#

  • Guidance event is now triggered earlier when arriving at a turn location
  • Turn instructions that happen in close succession will now result in speech text of the form "[Instruction 1] and then [Instruction 2]"
  • A "Rerouting" guidance event will now be triggered whenever the SDK logic replans the active Route

Bugs Fixed#

  • iOS - Fixed a bug where remainingInstructions on RouteProgress object would duplicate the next instruction
  • Fixed a case where the initial guidance event would sometimes not be triggered
  • PathGeometrySegment's travelMode is now properly populated to reflect sections where a rider must dismount and push the bike or scooter