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Feature & API Changes#

Route List controller is now UIViewController, that conforms to protocol RouteListController

Instead of creating controller directly accessing class RouteListViewController, use RouteListContainer instead

// Old
let vc = RouteListViewController(routes: routes, delegate: self)

// New
let vc = RouteListContainer.createWrappedRouteListController(routes: routes, delegate: self)

Behavior Changes#

  • Support in-station walking
  • Support best entrance and exit
  • Expandable stop/station list
  • Bottom sheet snapping/anchoring behaviour has been changed
  • Localization: default to en if the translation is missing for a supported language
  • Theming: Walk icon customisation
  • Theming: Custom rounded corners

Bugs Fixed#

  • Fix zh-HK localization for CitymapperNavigation to fix warning for AppStore submission

v2.0.1 (iOS)#

  • Fix missing entrance/exit information for stations
  • Fix missing service names for long strings in the summary element